Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It is well

because of Jesus..
I can always..
always say..
it is well with my soul

thank you Jesus

Many know my faith to be strong…
and my marriage to be strong and healthy…
and that I am raising children in the faith…

but … please remember… we live in community.
When you live IN community with strong believers,
it's not an opportunity for you to be lazy,
or negligent in your walk with Christ.

You are speaking Christ in to my family 
or you are NOT.

Matthew 12:20
"He who is not with me is against me; 
and he who does not gather with Me scatters."

We walk with Christ…
In a world of unbelievers, 
people we LOVE so dearly…
this message is NOT for them..
Jesus has given us SUCH a heart for them..

sharing His light,
His love,
His grace,
with all the people that we meet
on any given day
is just.. who HE made us to be..
It's hard not to LOVE what Jesus loves
hard not to love WHO Jesus Loves...

This post is to our community..
Our community is full of those who know Jesus.
The body of Christ is there to minister to one another,
build one another up,
care for...
If you are in that community
choose not to support us,
love us,
encourage, etc...
because you see our strengths,
see our faith,
see our voice,…
you NEED to know...
your silence
your neglect,
are speaking a version of Christ
that I don't want for my children…

Get away from me.
Get away from my Children..
Lets just say..
i never knew you.

I am not hiding anymore…
i LOVE you
HE loves you.
I'm just going to stand over here..
way over here 
with my KING..
re-introduce yourself 
when you are ready to BE in 
REAL Community

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