Sunday, April 26, 2015

NEVER forsaken

How is it, that so many are SO busy with 
mission and ministry
and yet fail to
fail to help
 those hurting and suffering 
right in front of them…. ?

being busy, 

does not always mean that we are serving Christ… 


 it just means.. 

we are too busy, looking LIKE
 we are serving Christ, to actually serve Christ.. 
Scripture has a lot to say about showing favoritism in the body of Christ..
 here are just four verses… 

Acts 10:34-35 

Romans 2:11

"For God does not show favoritism"

James 2:1

"My Brethren, do not hold your faith in our

glorious Lord Jesus Christ with an attitude of 

personal favoritism."

James 2:9

"But if you show partiality, you are 

committing sin, and are convicted by the 

law as transgressors."

If someone has made you feel small…
less than,
or left you bleeding and wounded standing before them,
in preference for another…
just know this..

We are not to neglect one over another… 
or choose one over another when we are in service of the Lord… 
God's people will be served by HIM.. 
It is THEY that loose the glory and opportunity to SERVE the Lord 
in serving you…
for you are precious,
and will be cared for by God

In the end, it IS God they sin against when they do such things…

If you have ever felt abandoned by God's people..
please know this..

God has not abandoned you.
God's people are sinners JUST like me,
JUST like you..
and sinners will do, what sinners do..
they sin..
they fall, they fail,
they WILL let you down..
they stumble,
drop the ball,
do it all.

THEY need the Grace and mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ 
and readily 
as you or I…
Their failings
are NOT Christ Jesus' failings.

His love is perfect,
never ending,
hold fast to HIM,
and His mercies will be new in the morning.
Never confuse the sinner with the SAVIOR..

forgive them

as readily as you have been forgiven,
for this is what Christ Jesus would want.

not the disregarding,
or dismissing of their sin,
but the forgiveness of it.

HE will see your pain,
your suffering,
your forgotten place
and HE will restore you,
HE will renew you,
Trust in the Lord
with ALL your heart. 
you will NOT be forsaken..
God will send mercies..
through others…
fear not..
hold fast
YOU are NOT alone

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