Monday, May 4, 2015

broken worship

the battles we face here…
they are hard, they are real and they are exhausting.
the roads to get here
and unending…
and just when we think we are close to this final battle…
just when it seems there is but one more hill to climb..
there is revealed but more…
more hills to climb..
more battles to fight..
more prayers to pray,
weeping and wailing to be had,
so it is,
 when your eyes are fixed..
and FOCUSED...
so it is,
 when you have a purpose..
when the terrain is ever changing..
the seasons unknowable and demanding of you…
but with each deep valley
dark and treacherous,
and full of every fear and nightmare..
full of attacks from the enemy…
 the enemy is dressed as one of your own..
When there in the path
suddenly gives way to a 
however low, or high..
however brief..
and with it 
we stand triumphant..
for however long..
and it is there on what ever rise
out of the lowest place we may have yet ever have been in,
we can lift our voices and worship

find that time to worship..
worship is difficult for some of us here…
The modern way of amping up the bass, 
causes vestibular issues with in the brain and inner ear
causing imbalance and extreme brain pain in 3 of the 6 of us,
and joining in during regular worship service is next to impossible.
We've only found a few churches that refuse to allow their soundboard to torture
the vestibular system in this way.
None of those churches that we have found are close to us to attend regularly.
We realize it is a fad, it has little to do with the actual worship music itself, 
as we are a musical family…
we know, that this fad will pass...
so we worship at home,
in the car,
on the porch,
whenever we can.
at least that is my motto..
lift my voice 
SHOUT to the LORD!
for HE is good
His love endures forever !!!

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